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How can an enterprise meet the needs of the market in the market and how to satisfy the customer? It should not be a collective activity, or a movement for a period of time. It should be a system. The system includes internal pre-sales, sale, after-sales service, telephone services, enterprise closed-loop feedback. If it were not for a system to do its best, it would not be possible to meet the needs of its customers. In the practice, he summed up that obtaining customer's demand information is the basis for meeting customer needs for the first time. To this end, it is necessary to build a platform for communication with users. Since 90s of last century, it has started to establish customer information system and set up files for users. After the purchase of the user, the registration information will be entered in 100% place in the special user service management system, once the user needs help, we will at the same time the user files out.
Zhejiang GuChi service tenet: customer satisfaction is Zhejiang GuChi desire!
Zhejiang GuChi service commitment: you just dial a phone, the rest of the reason Zhejiang Guchi to do.
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